Surviving the Storm: The Peggy Martin Rose

One recent evening as I was browsing my favorite accounts on Instagram, I came across a photo of some gorgeous, bright pink roses that cascaded over the exterior of Urban Grace Interiors in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida. Urban Grace's owner, Erika Powell, explained that these "Peggy Martin" hurricane roses were very hard to come by - so of course I was intrigued!

After some online searching, I began to learn more and more about this special flower and the amazing story behind the "Peggy Martin" rose.

Peggy Martin roses at Urban Grace Interiors


Peggy Martin lived in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina pounded the Gulf Coast in 2005. An avid gardener, Peggy had over 450 roses on the 12 acres of land she shared with her husband, sons, and parents. When Katrina hit, her small town was buried in 20 feet of water and with it, the hurricane took almost everything from Peggy - including her parents, her home, and her boat.

Hurricane Katrina damage in Plaquemines Parish

Hurricane Katrina damage in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana in 2005

After the storm waters finally receded, Peggy returned to the site of her home. What was once the beautiful garden was now a sea of mud and debris. While assessing the losses surrounding her, Peggy noticed a spot of bright green against her damaged shed. That speck of green turned out to be one of Peggy's roses. To Peggy's amazement, the plant had survived after being buried in 20 feet of water for over 2 weeks.

The resilient rose soon became known as the "Peggy Martin rose" and is now used to raise money for garden restoration along the ravaged Gulf Coast. This climbing rose produces clusters of showy pink flowers in spring and reblooms in autumn.

Peggy Martin with her namesake rose

Peggy Martin pictured with her namesake rose

Peggy Martin roses

Peggy Martin "hurricane roses"

I was lucky enough to source a few Peggy Martin roses from a grower in Florida. Stop by the Buckets studio to take a look - we can't wait to watch these thrive in our very own back yard!

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