Bearded Iris

Bearded Iris

I had a few hours on Mother’s Day afternoon so I headed down to the Missouri Botanical Garden. It seems like the last few springs I would always have an event at the Spink Pavilion (which I LOVE!) and could sneak in and a take few photos. I just had to go down and check them out.

Missouri Botanical Garden Iris Show

When I entered the garden, I startled the cute girl at the gate. I told her where I was headed and then she told me that there was an iris show right there. I couldn’t believe it! When I walked in, I saw all these beautiful colored Bearded Iris all standing so straight and tall, all red, white and blue ribbon winners!

Missouri Botanical Garden Bearded Iris Winners

I was simply thrilled at this discovery. I walked around the room and saw three people sitting in the corner. I started talking to them and realized that they were members of the St. Louis Iris Society and were a wealth of information. It was five dollars to join, which I did right there! The group maintains the iris garden at the Missouri Botanical Garden.

The first week of August, after they have divided the rhizomes, they have a one-week sale. The members told me to return on Saturday because that is when you get the best selection. I walked over to the Iris garden and saw with my two little eyes the short, yet beautiful, season of the Bearded Iris-crazy love! I wish they lasted longer. They are different and remind me of when I was young (they called them Flags). We planted a few last year in the Buckets’ garden and they were just gorgeous! I can’t wait to add more!

Purple Bearded Iris

Burgundy Bearded Iris

Apricot Bearded Iris

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