A Day in the Country

I was lucky enough to be invited to our friend Cathy's farm in beautiful Leslie, Missouri - a charming, small town near Beaufort. Her family has had a farm for years and they just built a new house on the property where they hope to enjoy their future retirement.

As we arrived, I was blown away by the abundance of colorful Missouri wildflowers that seemed to stretch as far as we could see. Native wildflower seeds have been sowed over two acres of their property. It's so beautiful! Cathy's husband maintains a scenic, mowed walking path through the wildflowers, so we headed out with our field guide and binoculars.

I learned so much during our little excursion through the farmland. The wildflower expanse included grayhead coneflower, purple coneflower, and more. These showy flowers attract finches and butterflies and can grow up to 4 feet tall! We also ran into some bluebirds along the way.

Our farmland outing continued with a walk through a fabulous grape vineyard and ended with a peaceful lake, complete with cattails. It was truly like something out of the movie On Golden Pond!

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